The Lord Gord Podcast

Episode #7 – Con Games

Lord Gord discusses how con games are played.

Episode #6 – Lying

Lord Gord discusses why lying is morally and intellectually reprehensible.

Episode #5 – Toxic Personalities

Lord Gord discusses toxic personalities and red flags to look out for.

Episode #4 – The Mating Market

Lord Gord discusses the mating preferences of human males and females from an evolutionary perspective.

Episode #3 – Black Crime Is Wildly Out Of Proportion

Lord Gord discusses the proliferation of black crime and its consequences on American society.

Episode #2 – The Rise Of Illegitimacy And Its Consequences

Lord Gord discusses the sharp increase of illegitimate births since the 1960s and its ramifications on American society. (Corrections: 87% of blacks in the U.S. lived below the poverty line in 1940 and that number decreased to 47% by 1960. About 58% of blacks in jail are there for violent crimes as opposed to 58% of the jail population being blacks that committed violent crimes).

Episode #1 – Why Hip-Hop Is The Worst Idea Ever

Lord Gord discusses why the celebration of incompetence, social deviance, criminality and the lack of professional level music skills make hip-hop the worst musical idea ever.