The Lord Gord Podcast

Episode #21 – Graffiti For Thee But Not For Me

Lord Gord discusses graffiti, ghetto culture and the white liberals that celebrate bad behavior.

Episode #20 – Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore & Free Markets

Lord Gord discusses Lee Kuan Yew, the legendary leader of Singapore, and the city-state’s rise from poverty to prosperity.

Episode #19 – On Labor Unions

Lord Gord discusses the history of labor unions and how they operate.

Episode #18 – Jheri Curls, Trends & Groupthink

Lord Gord discusses his love of the jheri curl, its history and the groupthink of American blacks.

Episode #17 – The Folly Of Multiculturalism

Lord Gord discusses the ideology of multiculturalism and its consequences.

Episode #16 – My Favorite Band: The Time

Lord Gord discusses the history, impact and legacy of his favorite band, The Time.

Episode #15 – Hispanic Detroit

Lord Gord discusses how leftist policies, identity politics and public sector unions are turning California into Hispanic Detroit.

Episode #14 – Passing Thoughts

Lord Gord shares a few random thoughts about marriage, fashion and censorship.

Episode #13 – O.J. Simpson And American Individualism

Lord Gord discusses O.J. Simpson’s escape from collectivism and the toxicity of identity politics.

Episode #12 – Prices And Economic Freedom

Lord Gord discusses the role of prices in a free market economy.

Episode #11 – The Underclass

Lord Gord discusses the underclass and their enablers.

Episode #10 – The Insidiousness Of Social Justice

Lord Gord discusses the ideology of social justice and the damage it has caused historically.

Episode #9 – The Ills Of Social Media

Lord Gord discusses social media and its effects on society.

Episode #8 – Fashion And The Ideas That It Conveys

Lord Gord discusses American fashion from the 1960s and the regression of societal standards regarding fashion and comportment.

Episode #7 – Con Games

Lord Gord discusses how con games are played.

Episode #6 – Lying

Lord Gord discusses why lying is morally and intellectually reprehensible.

Episode #5 – Toxic Personalities

Lord Gord discusses toxic personalities and red flags to look out for.

Episode #4 – The Mating Market

Lord Gord discusses the mating preferences of human males and females from an evolutionary perspective.

Episode #3 – Black Crime Is Wildly Out Of Proportion

Lord Gord discusses the proliferation of black crime and its consequences on American society.

Episode #2 – The Rise Of Illegitimacy And Its Consequences

Lord Gord discusses the sharp increase of illegitimate births since the 1960s and its ramifications on American society. (Corrections: 87% of blacks in the U.S. lived below the poverty line in 1940 and that number decreased to 47% by 1960. About 58% of blacks in jail are there for violent crimes as opposed to 58% of the jail population being blacks that committed violent crimes).

Episode #1 – Why Hip-Hop Is The Worst Musical Idea Ever

Lord Gord discusses why the celebration of incompetence, social deviance, criminality and the lack of professional level music skills make hip-hop the worst musical idea ever.