The Lord Gord Podcast


Episode #50 – Disparities Are The Norm

Lord Gord discusses how statistical disparities are a common occurrence around the world.

Episode #49 – Passing Thoughts On The Most Immoral Group In The U.S.A.

Lord Gord discusses why black women are the most immoral group in the United States.

Episode #48 – Favorite Songs

Lord Gord discusses some of his favorite songs.

Episode #47 – Three Culture Warriors

Lord Gord discusses the impact of three culture warriors: David Horowitz, Andrew Breitbart, and Thomas Sowell.

Episode #46 – Discussing “I Want My Girl” & “I Don’t Wanna Leave You”

Lord Gord discusses the lyrics of Jesse Johnson’s “I Want My Girl” and The Time’s “I Don’t Wanna Leave You”.

Episode #45 – Hong Kong: A Testament To Free Markets 

Lord Gord discusses Hong Kong’s transformation from a poor colony to one of the richest parts of the world.

Episode #44 – Discussing “Gigolos Get Lonely Too” and “One Woman” 

Lord Gord analyzes the lyrics of The Time’s “Gigolos Get Lonely Too” and Isaac Hayes’ “One Woman”.

Episode #43 – California Midterm Results 

Lord Gord discusses the 2018 California Midterm results and their implications.

Episode #42 – Nintendo Acquiesced To A Mob  

Lord Gord discusses Nintendo censoring Super Smash Bros. Ultimate due to SJW outrage.

Episode #41 – Discussing The Time’s February 3rd, 1991 Concert 

Lord Gord discusses a Time concert that took place in early 1991 and its implications.

Episode #40 – The Housing Boom & Bust 

Lord Gord discusses the government policies that led to housing market crash in 2008.

Episode #39 – Robert Stock, King Of Silk 

Lord Gord discusses Robert Stock and his love for his classic brand of silk shirts.

Episode #38 – Facts and Fallacies of Slavery

Lord Gord discusses slavery and how its history has been weaponized to grow the scope of government.

Episode #37 – Favorite Passages from “Democracy In America”

Lord Gord discusses his favorite passages from Alexis De Tocqueville’s Democracy in America.

Episode #36 – My Favorite Passages From “The Gulag Archipelago”

Lord Gord discusses some of his favorite passages from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago.

Episode #35 – Leftist Press, Leftist Teachers, Leftist Lies

Lord Gord discusses many lies from Big Media and Big Education concerning teacher pay and funding for education.

Episode #34 – Third World Potpurri

Lord Gord discusses facts and fallacies about the third world.

Episode #33 – The Left Is Fake News

Lord Gord discusses the many lies told by the leftist American media.

Episode #32 – Super Japanese Jazz Fusion: Casiopea & T-Square

Lord Gord discusses two legendary Japanese jazz fusion bands: Casiopea & T-Square.

Episode #31 – MSM Denial, Anti-White Racism & Other Thoughts

Lord Gord discusses South Africa, the prevalence of anti-white racism from the left and Rahm Emmanuel’s photo with a criminal.

Episode #30 – Cucked Out!

Lord Gord discusses cuckoldry and the feminization of western men.

Episode #29 – My Journey From Left To Right.

Lord Gord discusses his ideological shift from left to right.

Episode #28 – Earthbound: A Classic Video Game.

Lord Gord discusses the classic 1995 Super Nintendo game Earthbound.

Episode #27 – The Fascism Of FDR.

Lord Gord discusses the fascist policies of FDR and how they extended The Great Depression by several years.

Episode #26 – Generation Z Women Are Coming For The Millennial Women.

Lord Gord discusses the conservative leanings of Generation Z women and the disaster it spells for millennial women.

Episode #25 – The Left’s War On Asian Merit In New York City’s Elite High Schools.

Lord Gord discusses the racism of New York City Democrats against Asians in elite New York City public high schools.

Episode #24 – Losing Ground: American Social Policy, 1950-1980.

Lord Gord discusses Charles Murray’s “Losing Ground: American Social Policy, 1950-1980” with a focus on employment, welfare dependency, crime, education and family formation.

Episode #23 – Underdevelopment Is A State Of Mind

Lord Gord discusses Lawrence Harrison’s “Underdevelopment Is A State Of Mind” and the cultural impediments to Latin America’s development.

Episode #22 – My History With Street Fighter

Lord Gord discusses his history with the Street Fighter franchise and his favorite games from the series.

Episode #21 – Graffiti For Thee But Not For Me

Lord Gord discusses graffiti, ghetto culture and the white liberals that celebrate bad behavior.

Episode #20 – Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore & Free Markets

Lord Gord discusses Lee Kuan Yew, the legendary leader of Singapore, and the city-state’s rise from poverty to prosperity.

Episode #19 – On Labor Unions

Lord Gord discusses the history of labor unions and how they operate.

Episode #18 – Jheri Curls, Trends & Groupthink

Lord Gord discusses his love of the jheri curl, its history and the groupthink of American blacks.

Episode #17 – The Folly Of Multiculturalism

Lord Gord discusses the ideology of multiculturalism and its consequences.

Episode #16 – My Favorite Band: The Time

Lord Gord discusses the history, impact and legacy of his favorite band, The Time.

Episode #15 – Hispanic Detroit

Lord Gord discusses how leftist policies, identity politics and public sector unions are turning California into Hispanic Detroit.

Episode #14 – Passing Thoughts

Lord Gord shares a few random thoughts about marriage, fashion and censorship.

Episode #13 – O.J. Simpson And American Individualism

Lord Gord discusses O.J. Simpson’s escape from collectivism and the toxicity of identity politics.

Episode #12 – Prices And Economic Freedom

Lord Gord discusses the role of prices in a free market economy.

Episode #11 – The Underclass

Lord Gord discusses the underclass and their enablers.

Episode #10 – The Insidiousness Of Social Justice

Lord Gord discusses the ideology of social justice and the damage it has caused historically.

Episode #9 – The Ills Of Social Media

Lord Gord discusses social media and its effects on society.

Episode #8 – Fashion And The Ideas That It Conveys

Lord Gord discusses American fashion from the 1960s and the regression of societal standards regarding fashion and comportment.

Episode #7 – Con Games

Lord Gord discusses how con games are played.

Episode #6 – Lying

Lord Gord discusses why lying is morally and intellectually reprehensible.

Episode #5 – Toxic Personalities

Lord Gord discusses toxic personalities and red flags to look out for.

Episode #4 – The Mating Market

Lord Gord discusses the mating preferences of human males and females from an evolutionary perspective.

Episode #3 – Black Crime Is Wildly Out Of Proportion

Lord Gord discusses the proliferation of black crime and its consequences on American society.

Episode #2 – The Rise Of Illegitimacy And Its Consequences

Lord Gord discusses the sharp increase of illegitimate births since the 1960s and its ramifications on American society. (Corrections: 87% of blacks in the U.S. lived below the poverty line in 1940 and that number decreased to 47% by 1960. About 58% of blacks in jail are there for violent crimes as opposed to 58% of the jail population being blacks that committed violent crimes).

Episode #1 – Why Hip-Hop Is The Worst Musical Idea Ever

Lord Gord discusses why the celebration of incompetence, social deviance, criminality and the lack of professional level music skills make hip-hop the worst musical idea ever.